Yuan found this Lomo app on his iPhone which I thot is quite cool! You can use it in place of the normal camera app & all the pics will have a vintage & nicely-contrasted feel. Looks v pro also. NICE. =D

That said, do check out some of the recent pics below =)

Finally got to try The Hand Burger @ 313 for our 4-yr-1-mth anniversary dinner =) I would give them 8/10 for aesthetics but maybe only 6.5/10 for taste.

Dunno why but the tea-smoked duck wasn’t like what I imagined it to be at all..

Yuan’s The Works burger is not too bad ‘tho. It’s like mixed grill in a burger, everything also have.. hehe.

Woo.. finally a nice Nutella by-product! I may just go back for this Nutella & marshmallows milk shake =)


Oh and did I mention that I really like the decor too. This would be my dream kitchen cabinet.. haa.

Check this out! Lovely key holder from Leonard (for X’mas) which we decided to use as a gardening tools holder in the balcony. So lovely!

Last but not least.. me in my latest hairstyle! Keke!


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