It’s approaching 2 months since the wedding & I must say that I’m still sore about some of the ppl missing the wedding.

I am just curious about how you would think – would you be angry wif ppl who “forgot” your wedding (i.e. if they were very good frens of yours)? Would you go to theirs if it’s upcoming? How about ppl who only say they cannot come only on the day itself? How would you react to them if you saw them again? How about the close relatives who failed to turn up, e.g. the Uncle who couldn’t come ‘coz he was v busy wif X’mas church preparations? How should I react to him during CNY?

It may sound a tad petty but I am really quite offended, and really wouldn’t mind doing some housekeeping of the redundant ppl in my life. Let me know what you think!


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    Lily said,

    I think honesty is the best policy to resolve this issue! Tell them that you’re upset that they didn’t turn up for your wedding w/o good reason. If they’re apologetic and their friendship is sth you wanna keep as well, then I think you can go to their wedding without feeling resentful! What d’you think?

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    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Hmm think one of them I’m upset with is clueless.. probably thot I am not angry anymore & keeps msging me to ask me for contacts for his wedding/ ask me to attend his when he didn’t even want to come. =( The other one is.. %%$#*&^%$..

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