The weekend was spent on visiting & nothing else, but one house totally inspired this aspiring gardener – Lao gu (2nd Grand Uncle)’s place!!! ;P

It’s not a beautifully renovated or modern house but the home (inside & outside) is surrounded wif lots & lots of plants.. bonsai, cacti, ferns & other leafy plants, etc. etc.. all painstakenly grown & maintained by Lao gu – it’s like a gardener’s dream home! Apart from having green fingers (of ‘coz), Lao gu is also very artistic & skilled in floral arrangement – I’m impressed! He also paints.. wow..

And did I forget to mention that Lao gu’s 91.. 3 yrs younger than Mama.. =)

Before we left, Mum, Ann & I took some pots as a memento.. hee.. hope to be able to update Lao gu on their progress the next time we see him =D

Potter’s paradise!

More on the right

Lao gu’s favourite bonsai

I like this v artistic piece with dainty white flowers =)

Lao gu’s own creation made wif real twigs & fabric flowers.. lovely.

Hee my memento from Lao gu! Eh.. but dunno what plant this is leh =P

[Sidetracking] My dear Pu zzzping on my hand! Love her superly much!


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    How in the world does Pupu fall asleep like that?!?! Super lazy man haha!
    PS: opps! Didn’t remember to water your Ally today! 😛

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Sigh ‘coz poor gal’s not feeling v well.. so maybe not so energetic =(

    Hee it’s ok la Ally’s from the cactus family! 😉

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