Today’s Special

Haha the naughty gal caught sight of the food in this previous entry, & wanted us to cook the same stuff for her. Any wish from her is almost always granted, so what to do.. haha. Check it out man..

Pattern-more-than-Badminton me always like to do this kinda thing =P

Woo Hoo the Welcome drink Virgin Mojito! I just had to make a drink from our own Mint plant & was elated to find this lime and mint infused recipe from one of the small Simply Her cookbooks. =) This is the first time it’s made, so aren’t they lucky to be the guinea pigs! =D

The mint plant before the harvest. Not much difference after also la, ‘coz I only used 3 stalks =)

First dish that was ready.. Bacon wif asparagus/ enoki mushroom – Ann’s fave!

Then came his signature Jap potato salad..

My fave all my life, introduced by Daddy 1,000 yrs back – Tom Yam maca =D

The delicious chix mid-wings! It’s yummy =)

How it looks combined.. a simple, warm dinner =)

On a separate note, we played Taboo as planned after dinner and Mum & Ann REALLY enjoyed the game! Haha. They went to the extent of just explaining non-stop for all of us to guess. Think Mum exhausted one colour doing that.. wahahaha. But dunno who’s so cor lor to bend a no. of the cards – it’s a new box lor! Tsk tsk.


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    alot of food!!! anyways, taboo is always so fun! (more fun watching YOU play, Sally!) hahahaha

  2. 2

    Elaine said,

    So yummy! Do invite us to your home soon…

    I failed in my 1st attempt at making pasta yesterday. Somehow the tomato sauce tasted strange.

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Obviously my family members didn’t share your sentiments.. I found my sister more funny than I am. Haha!

    Elaine> Hehe am hoping for dear gal to recover soon, & we can have a real happy party =D You made your own tomato sauce? Hey try Aglio Olio!

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