Busy Morning & Update on a Very Naughty Hamster

I’ve been sooooo busy all morning, & just had the opportunity to take a breather! 😉

And.. I feel compelled to tell you about what Dingding did last night – she pee-ed on me!!! *growl*. You see, that gal was having a stroll around my shoulder-neck area & I was more focused on keeping her away from my ears than anything else (she nimbled on my right ear twice before >_< ). Then, before I knew it I felt wetness around my neck area and some liquid trickling down (WAH LIAO!). Yuan had a good laugh, I promptly went to bathe & the gal was dumped back into her cage, hmph! And Yuan somemore dared to say “Well Done Ding Ding” in my Facebook, wah liaoz *growl*. And when I was scolding her “Bad Gal Ding” later on, he told me to stop scolding her lest she be pissed. You see how impt the naughties are in our home? Hahaha..


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    Lily said,

    “he told me to stop scolding her lest she be pissed”.. hahahahaha yeah, Kenneth’s giving great advice indeed.. unless you wanna get PISSED on again anytime soon? hahahahaha ;))))

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