Such a Busy Past Week! -_-

Urgh the past week (in fact weeks) have been really tiring wif the preps for the events that my Div is hosting in these 2 months. Really siong!

This tiredness inadvertently slipped its way into my after-office hours and hence, (contributed to) my lack of updates here. =P

Some noteworthy events which happened recently:

  • Yuan cooked dinner last Sat (I was feeling damn tired & also unwell). It was the Chinese kind, 三菜 (without the 一汤)keke. Yuan was quite pleased wif his accomplishment, esp. the 芙蓉蛋。Check it out below! =D
  • We booked our first trip to Japan via the Cathay Pacific Maybank promo last Fri! *ching* If not for this promo, I think we would be heading to Taiwan instead. This would be in July =) Ann – any requests? =D

As usual, Ding nv fails to make my day. I look forward to seeing her so much every day after work! We noticed a bald patch near her neck ‘tho recently. Hmm. Some recent pics of my baby:

hee.. what do you think will happen if we tickle her? Get “tsk” at lor! =P

Lovely zzzping pose =D

Yuan’s cooking below!


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