Relaxing Sun Afternoon

It’s been a really relaxing Sun afternoon so far! ;P Primarily becoz we do not need to do house cleaning – did that yester liao hehe..

Woke up to 爱心 brunch prepared by Hubby.. how blessed! After that he also did the dishes.. keke. We spent most of the time so far researching on Japan (me Hokkaido, his the Kanto region) while Dingding slept the afternoon away ^^ The free channels on Starhub also kept us v entertained.. so many movies! =D

Check out some new pics we just took below. =)

Hee, woke up to Hubby’s brunch. So sweet of him =D

Rain, rain why nv come? It’s so hot that we had to on the air-con. =P Anyways, can you see the chicken coop thing from Mint Museum of Toys?

Little sweetheart zzzping in her playbox

Keke, finally used the lychees in this 解署 lychee-pineapple tea. Nice.

On a separate note, yester’s dinner cum supper @ Geylang! Love the kungpao sauce =)


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    Lily said,

    爱心 brunch always sounds good :)))) Thumbs up to Kenneth!

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