Home on Saturday

Apart from the usual cleaning & ironing today -_- , I also took time to make adjustments to our mini vege/ herb garden! =)

You see, the edibles did not seem to be doing well leh.. not sure why, ‘tho the inedibles are looking good! Hmm. So, I began to read up more about the plants & I am thinking that maybe I didn’t really understand them enough.. like not understanding the amount of sunlight/ water they need? I also did massive repotting and hopefully, they’ll be able to grow better with the new soil & new positioning! Heh. Check out the edibles below after the rejuvenation exercise. The balcony was really in a BIG mess ‘tho you cannot really tell from this photo =)

Inset: Chilli, Basil, Chives, Mint, Aloe Vera & an unknown plant given to me from 2nd Granduncle. Thyme’s trying to grow in Pu’s pot but I didn’t take a pic of it. Oh btw, the Aloe Vera’s Ally from office! (Lily would know =P)

Hmm.. website resources say you should snip off 1/3 to 1/2 of the mint if it’s growing longer & leaves smaller (means it needs rejuvenating). I may have gone more than needed & snipped off/ harvested the above bunch! Oops.

Ending the post wif Ding as usual. =P Yuan took this unflattering shot of her which made her look more like a fat seal than a hamster! Hahaha!


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    Lily said,

    Elly’s Aloe Vera actually looks as though its thriving!!! haha!! Who wld’ve guessed the trauma its been thru???! heh 😉 Good job, Sally!

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