Quite a Leisurely Sun

Sundays w/o housework are of ‘coz leisurely & relaxing! =)

Today was one of the v few times so far we’ve gone out to have lunch on a Sun (normally it’s hubby who goes to pack =P). Maybe 是坐惯了232, we decided to take the bus today to Lor 1 (near Grandma’s house) to have lunch. It was not bad la.. ‘tho I would have preferred to eat Hubby’s congee instead of my char kuey! =) Will eat that the next time =)

After that, we went home to watch teevee – Departures!!! Still felt as sad/ touched as when I watched it at the movies. Great show..

It was dinner @ MIL’s as per usual.. yummy! =)

Now.. watching our every-Sun-ritual Taiwan’s 超级星光大道。。we’re such creatures of habit! Haa. And guess what.. we’ve finished up the 2 litres of chrysanthemum I cooked yester and we decided to do a new pot.. haha. Glad it’s soooo POPULAR wif Yuan =P

Nowsadays, we just cook it in a big pot for MAXIMUM results. =P

Check out dear Sweetheart tonight wif her blanket! =D


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