What do you want to do when we retire?

Haha, do you think the above question is much too preliminary, given that we are still young (err, according to life’s standards)/ we’ve only been married for 5 mths, & what, we’re thinking of retiring? =P

I was asked to think of my desired retirement age very recently as part of a course. I haven’t really thought about it prior to this, but taking the retirement age for civil servants as a gauge (i.e. currently 62), & looking at my own parents, I reckoned retiring at age 60 would be quite a reasonable figure.

We were then asked to estimate our own life expectancy (touching wood that all goes smoothly; taking our own relatives’ life expectancy as a gauge). I put 90…!!! (Some of you would have heard from me that my Great Grandaunt just celebrated her 100th B’day in March).

The significance of these numbers is simple – we basically have to amass enuff wealth by age 60 to last us till age 90! I have exactly 30 years to accumulate the $$ which is to last 30 more years.. alot of time/ time to start? =)

Coming back to the title of this blogpost – we were told that this is a VERY important question. Simply becoz many couples got too engrossed in “Project Children” as the years go by to stay ‘couplely’, i.e. the kids take up all their attention, and some actually strayed apart soooo much that when retirement comes, they are actually already void of feelings for each other. How scary a thought is that! =((((( So, we were told that couples, no matter how many commitments they may have MUST always retain that couplehood & a vision of blissful & engaging golden years ahead – I have to ask Yuan the above question soon =)

It’s probably also timely to draw up our household financial plan to meet our desired retirement goals (oops, I still have our household health management plan in the pending mode =P). That’s me, full of ideas due to momentary inspiration but maybe also lacking the drive to see it through – not good! I have to do something about this really soon before it slips.. my.. mind..



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