Housewarming Tea Party, 12 Jun 10

After so so so so long, we finally got down to having our first housewarming tea party esp. for COT/ CNB & more! =)

I guess it was better late than never har =P Check out the swanky e-invite!

And the theme was.. STRIPES haha, in line wif all our themed Fridays. So fun! Food was semi-catered; we also prepared some. We ate, had a best-dressed contest segment, took photos, played Taboo, watched a movie & chatted! It was most enjoyable. =)

Check out the numerous pics below! =D

Lily took such gorgeous pics of the food! =D

(From left) The stuff from Lee Wee & Brothers, Kuey Pie Tee DIY from Old Long House Popiah; our very own bacon wraps & our very own dual-choc fondue wif fruit shapes & marshmallows! ;D (Not in photo: Mummy’s chix curry wif baguette)

Some of the guests digging in..

Until we decided to commence our Best-Dressed contest for the theme! Haha. And the top prize went to..

The mother-and-son duo of Sim Wee & Elias!!! Check out Elias’ horizontal & vertical stripes & their striped prize keke.

Worthy opponent & runner-up Debi & Doggie also not bad la!

“Time for some photos! Ah, but I couldn’t stop myself from munching on that marshmallow.”

Before proceeding to the balcony to roll my train on the windmill ‘track’

The gals! (From left) Vasanthi, Sim Wee, Pants, Lily, Qiwan, Elly, me, Debi & Cally. (missing Ruth & Chloe who had left already)

The guys! (From left) Stanley & Jedi, Mel, Pallai, Yueheng & Yuan. (missing Stewie who had gone home and Elias (gone to see Ding?!))

Haa my beloved Cheki is a hit in any party!

Last but not least.. the lovely gifts we received. Thank you Guys! =D


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Lily said,

    U’ve finally updated your bloggie, Sally! Thanks for hosting us again.. was a great housewarming party :)))

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Haha yep.. finally borrowed Debi’s sushi to bring the photos home! =D

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