Happy Daddys’ Day! =)

Happy Daddys’ Day my dear Papa!

Just came back from dinner wif Daddy @ his favourite fish place (of late); yester’s dinner was also spent celebrating Daddys’ Day (wif Dad-in-law), & it was also @ a fish place! =) It has been a busy weekend but somehow, we managed to steal some leisure time! Haa. Feeling the Mon blues already ‘coz it’s so shiok chilling at home.. ..

Yuan cooked the following as a snack before we went for our v late dinner.. artistic mah? Haha.

And.. it’s time to start serious planning for Japan, i.e. to plan out the detailed itinerary for the various days! Am relying v much on this blog Yuan found which has a v detailed description of the places the blogger went to. Coolz! ;P

Anyways, Ding told me she’s not v pleased that we didn’t feature her that much in the housewarming post so I have to make up to her by posting two recent pics of her snoozing/ lazing below. Haa!

Hee.. how sweet is she! Love her pink nose & pinky mouth.

Hee.. my sweetheart.. =D


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