They’re Back!

YY & PP are back from their holiday! =)

I bet they missed me lots (they told me), but who asked them to go on such a long trip, hmph!

Luckily they remembered to get a gift for me & Pu – it’s a DIY music box from Otaru music box museum; check it out below =D

Isn’t it cute? =D Pang says that I am the slightly fatter one on top, hehe! Yuan was smart enough to spot these replicas of us & the food, while Pang chose the sakura to signify that it’s a gift from Japan. Pang also chose the tune “My Neighbour Totoro” ‘coz she thinks we look abit like Totoro.. hee. It’s a nice chirpy tune =)

Yuan & Pang also took countless photos.. aiyoh! I saw Yuan staring at the comp for a few hours just copying & rotating the pics, tsk tsk. It would have been better for him to spend quality time wif me, right? Anyhow, I caught a glimpse of the photos and the below’s my favourite – Yuan & Pang posing wif our gift upon completion, haha!

I think I let Yuan/ Pang update you more on the trip – they didn’t really tell me much ‘coz they only bother to carry me and kiss me and play wif me and feed me.. ^^ Glad to have them back, ‘tho I have less rest now! =P


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Lily said,

    haha such a wonderful insight into the psyche of Dingding 😛

    Nice gift dat they bought for u, Ding!

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily auntie> Ok la, acceptable.

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