Nippon #3

Saw Otaru on New City Beat yesterday! Otaru is  a beautiful small harbour town famous for its Music box museum, the Otaru canal and its fresh seafood. =)

Day 5 – Hokkaido – Otaru

We bought the Otaru-Sapporo welcome pass which includes a free day pass on JR rail to Otaru and a one day metro free pass for Sapporo. We took a quick breakfast at Sapporo before taking the train to Otaru.

We did not alight at Otaru station but one stop earlier at Minami Otaru (read that we could explore the less-touristy part of Otaru this way).


 From Minami Otaru, it is a 15 min walk to Otaru museum.

Our first stop is Otaru music box museum. Inside the museum you can find so many different types of music boxes. Didn’t know that there can be so many types! =)


After the museum, we headed to Otaru Musicbox and Handicrafts Studio to make our own music box.
We choose the music – my neighbour Totoro. As for the music box deco, we choose the hamsters figurine as they look like Pupu & Dingding. She also decided to get the sakura tree deco to signify that the music box is from japan. We also chose a nice brick base for the music box. =) Putting the music box together is pretty easy, just use the AB glue provided by them.

The final product. Make a guess which is Pupu and Dingding.

Gotta wait 1 hour for the music box glue to dry. So we started exploring the beautiful town of Otaru. There are many beautiful buildings in Otaru. 

My favourite Ice cream in Hokkaido – Melon ice cream.

The seafood in Otaru is really fresh! The scallops and oysters are big and juicy. Absolutely yummy.

 The scallops are really big,  juicy and fresh.

The friendly stall owner. Me bbqing my own oyster.

The oyster is sooooooo big.

 Us continuing to explore Otaru town.

We had our late lunch in a small Japanese restaraunt. I had the saba set, while she had the tori karaage set. We also ordered salmon sashimi which was really.. delicious! Both of us enjoyed the lunch alot.

After our yummy lunch, we headed towards the Otaru Canal.

Glass Blowing Factory.

Yummy Bokudan Yaki

Taking a break at the Otaru beer kiosk. Got to sample the 3 different types of beer before i decided on this.

Bikers at Otaru

Summer concert at Otaru Canal. Actually the Japanese were having summer concerts EVERYWEA!

The scenic Otaru Canal

We ventured abit further up from the Otaru canal to the harbour.

Almost all shops start closing around 6pm.

Taking a break at a nearby cafe while waiting for sunset.

Nite time @ Otaru Canal

Our dinner for the day. Ramen at Ramen Yokocho (again!). Mine is ChaShu Ramen and hers is Butter Corn Ramen.

Our buys of the day from Otaru.


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  1. 1

    sunkiiss said,

    Otaru is one of my fav places in Hokkaido. It’s a wonderful mix of shopping (haha!), eating & sightseeing.. so fun! =D

  2. 2

    Cally said,

    ahhH!! So nice! Has beer and music too – which Hubby heng will like! Shall show him the pictures!

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    Go lah, go lah!

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