Nippon #4

Day 6 – Hokkaido – Sapporo

We covered quite a few places on this day, the first stop being Odori Park – Sapporo Tv Tower. Odori Park is within walking distance but since we had the 1 day metro pass we took the metro to Sapporo station. 


Preparations for the Summer Jazz Party @ Odori Park.

From Odori Park, we continued our morning walk to Nijo Market for our seafood breakfast.

Nijo market is not that big and abit touristy. You can find Snow Crab, King Crab, Hairy Crab, Scallop, Oyster and lotsa seafood here. Price was more ex as compared to Otaru.

Our breakfast at Nijo market. I had the Chirashizushi (Tuna, salmon, seaweed, shrimp, squid & crab – all raw) while hers is some teppan butter crab with scallop. We shared the salmon sashimi.

After breakfast, we headed to Shiroi Koibito Park by train via Miyanosawa station.

Posing with the big Shiroi Koibito choco drink, wif choco drink in hand =P

After Shiroi Koibito Park, we headed back to Sapporo for some shopping at Pole Town.

After that, a walk to the iconic (err but nothing special) Clock Tower.

Waiting for the bus to Sapporo Bier Garden. It wasn’t easy finding this bus stop, & I’m always stressing Pang by asking her what EVERY sign means!

Sapporo Bier Museum.

Founders of Sapporo beer

Tonite’s dinner is superb & smoky. Genghis Khan BBQ mutton (jingisukan) with free flow of beer.

Our buys for the day – not much la haha!


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