Every Day is a Blessing


We were cruelly reminded of life’s fragility the day Ding went to the vet. How fast one can transit from being an absolutely healthy & happy individual to being sickly & in danger of losing his/ her life. The transition is almost seamless & leaves the ones around little time to be prepared for such a drastic change. Oh well..

The situation at the surgery was also dramatic as in the movies. Open up, can’t really solve the problem (he removed only abt 30% of the abscess which turned out to be a tumour), close up. Our hearts sank when we heard the news & I instantly lost my appetite for Mac’s breakfast (was eating it quite lightheartedly before the call). And Ding’s post-surgery bloodied look was just &&^%&(#$$###@..

Anyhow.. we’re very very thankful that she’s back. That we took her back the night of the surgery to care for her & to be able to see some progress on Day 2 (i.e. yesterday) as compared to the day of the surgery. At least she has begun to eat some food! (Though not much as compared to her pre-surgery days)

We are really thankful for friends & family for their prayers and I strongly believe she’ll pull through wif the love of so many ppl around her! And of ‘coz wif the use of the miracle healer Swedish Bitters haha..

Looking forward to many more good times wif her. She’s such a lovely companion! =)


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