Day 4, 5 & 6 (am) Update

Yuan & I couldn’t be more grateful for Sweetheart’s progress.. she’s very active (we think it’s becoz she’s thinner lighter now), her huge appetite is back (she just ‘snatched’ some food from my hand) & she has finally begun to excrete bigger pieces of shit!!! Way to go, baby! *muacks* Prior to this, we were nv soooo pleased to see her shit, esp. when it’s on us. =P

Her eyes also look better, i.e. they dun look tired or sore anymore. Yuan thinks that it could be due to the tumour previously.. hmm. Anyhow, we’re really happy to see her bright and beautiful BIG eyes again! Thank God for all these improvements =D

Wanna share some cute photos of her in Yuan’s iPhone, all taken before the surgery on Day 1.


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