Nippon #5

Day 7 Hokkaido – Lake Toya

Leaving Sapporo today – we’re taking the 9am Donan bus to Lake Toya.


I guess we made the right choice in choosing the Donan Bus to Lake Toya, altho it took abit longer – the fare is 1/2 of that of JR Rail and the service was really good! The bus captain also dropped us right outside the Hotel although he was not obligated to. =D

The Donan Bus..

The bus ride also included a 15min break at this place. Nice cooling weather and yummy fried chicken.

After 2 hrs of bus ride, we finally reached Lake Toya. And this is our Onsen hotel in Lake Toya.

Hand Bath outside our hotel.

We reached Lake Toya at around 11am. As we couldn’t check in yet, we went on to explore the area ard the hotel. The weather is cooling but visibility is low as it is pretty foggy.

We also explored Lake Toya town and found this yummy Jap Soba restaraunt. Their Soba noodles is really delicious.

From Toya, we took the bus to Mt Showa. a young volcanic mountain.

 This is Mt Showa; you can see the fumes coming out.

From Mt Showa, we took the Usuzan Ropeway to Mt Usu.



The weather is bad on top of Mt Usu, very foggy and low visibility.

We were so disappointed that we couldn’t see the volcano crater! =(

After Mt Usu, we went to the Bear farm. The Bear farm is horrible – the living condition of the bears is really poor and the bears look malnourished. =(

After the bear farm visit, we gotta catch the last bus back to Lake Toya.

Back to the hotel room! It’s a Japanese style room with tatami. Great view from our room as we can see a panoramic view of Lake Toya.

View from our room.


 After settling down, we changed into yutaka and went for our onsen. First time to onsen and it is really nice and we both really enjoyed it.

After our relaxing onsen, it is dinner in the room. The dinner is super sumptuous.

After dinner, we went to the lakeside to view the summer fireworks. They have fireworks daily at 8pm during summer and the fireworks are fired from boats moving around the lake. It is pretty difficult to take photo esp with the tripod as the boats are moving and u have no idea where the next firework is firing from. A nice finale for us in Hokkaido.


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