Nippon #6

Day 8 – Tokyo


It seemed to be a reeaaally bad day for us ‘coz we missed our flight back to Tokyo!!! All becoz we were too lazy/ forgot to check the JR rail schedule from Lake Toya to Chitose Airport. By the time we reached the JR Toya station, we were told that the next train would only be coming at 10:05 am and that it would reach Chitose airport at 11:30. Our flight is at 11:30 too! Great. We did look for alternatives – the helpful station master tried to help us check with the taxi driver but even a 30,000+ yen ride does not guarantee that we would be in time for the plane. So, we decided to take the train and to see whether we can get onto the next flight. We reached the JAL counter at 1135, and explained to the sweet JAL lady that our train was delayed (which caused us to be late =P). I would say taking JAL is the right choice ‘coz they put us on the next flight @ 1200 without any extra charges.

By the time we checked-in to our hotel in Ikebukuro, it was already the late afternoon. We took a short break and off we went to explore Tokyo city!!!

Ikebukuro – in the vicinity of the hotel

Us at Shinjuku

Yakitori alley. The weather is too hot for bbq so we continued to search for our late lunch.

Finally we decided on Jap curry fastfood.

Cheep & Good!


 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

View from South Tower.

Shinjuku @ evening time

Taking a break in a cafe in Shinjuku to people watch.

Us @ Roppongi

Nice Takoyaki. Same one as in Ion basement!!!

Tokyo tower from Roppongi

Our dinner for the day.

Buys for the day


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    very slow at updating your tokyo trip my dear haha! must learn from me.. update all at one go 😛

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Yuanyuan is in-charge of blogging on the Jap trip! He wrote this entry! Hahaha..

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