Nippon #7

Day 9 – Tokyo  (Asakusa, Ginza, Odaiba)

It was a reaaallly busy day ahead as we had squeezed in too many things!!! The plan for the morning was to visit Asakusa, have lunch, visit Ginza in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day in Odaiba.

We needed to change trains at Ueno in order to go to Asakusa, and, we happened to see Hard Rock Ueno there! It was a pleasant surprise ‘coz we didn’t get to check out the Hard Rock Cafe at Roppongi. 😛 Hard Rock Cafe boutiques are one of our must-go shops while holidaying! =) She got a Hard Rock Hello kitty limited edition t-shirt and a lovely fridge magnet which we both like alot. As Ueno is not in our itinerary, we grabbed the chance to explore the shopping centre a little while more.

We reached Asakusa at noon time, the weather horrible and the heat unbearable. Jus a 10 min walk under the sun was killing us. 😦

The touristy photo everybody will take in Asakusa.

The shopping street in Asakusa, nothing very interesting actually.

The weather was too hot and off we went looking for our lunch. We had planned to go to a famous tempura shop but we just cannot find it! The street nos are atrociously confusing! So we just stepped into this restaurant which did not look too bad. Dear had a good time conversing in Jap with the server. The food is nice – authentic jap tempura but it is abit regretful that we didn’t get to try the famous tempura.

Asakusa station.

Ginza is next. All the huge shopping arcades and luxury boutiques.

Coffee time in one of the shopping centre cafes. Blue mountain coffee for us.

Muji in Ginza, Dear is making a pair of specs which will take about an hour to complete. Huge Muji store and much more interesting than SG’s Muji

The shopping centre behind is one of the premium Jap shopping centres. Way too atas for us!

Us on train to Odaiba, just as the train is going to cross the Rainbow bridge. =) We should have allocated more time for Odaiba ‘coz there’s so much to see and play here! =S

Sega Joypolis – but Dear is not as keen as me. Since it is after 5pm, we got the evening free pass at a discounted rate. One thing i like about this is, we got a choice of just paying the entrance fees and you can always top up to the free pass after you go in. We checked out the rides and very quickly decided to top up to the evening free pass, haha! JoyPolis is a 3 storey indoor theme park by Sega where there are many simulation rides, carnival stalls and arcade.

This is fun, giving u a feel of skating. Our scores are bad rank 3rd in 4 lo.

Storm G –  This is fun esp the 360 double spin! We came in 2/4 for this! =P

Initial D – too bad we can only race with the comp.

Doll house. This is pretty scary. You will go through a short tunnel with someone narrating the story. We dun understand a single word as it is in Jap. But the feeling is pretty eerie..

The roller coaster ride which we took twice. There is a part where you will be outside the building and you can see the beautiful Rainbow bridge.

Rainbow Bridge.

Dinner was at Saizeriya (Sg also got!). Nice food at economical pricing.

We should have spent a whole day here – there’s so much that we didn’t get to see in Odaiba! We did however fully utilise the train pass and went to Palette Town and the Big Ferries wheel. But all shops are already closed. More on Odaiba night scene below. All in all, it was a lovely & fun place!


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    Elaine said,

    Ya, I spent a whole day at Odaiba on both my visits and that’s still not enough..

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