They keep me sane

Have not been very ‘stable’ recently ‘coz my major stablising factor, which keeps me sane, is gone..

Gone are the happee times spent with her in a simple, yet fulfilling way.

I thought about getting yellow puddings again but then it may not be such a good idea ‘coz they’ll just be Pu & Ding’s substitute, living in their shadow.

Am thinking of getting a Holland Lop, what do you think? They are rather cute actually..

Have also began to play with the young white cat downstairs (I didn’t dare to previously ‘coz I thought Ding would pick up the scent). Was also happy to see Smoky again below Mum’s place after soooo long.. glad to see that she’s fine! =)

Very playful white cat


Anyways, we can prolly take some time to think about it (even a doggie) since I’m off to HK next week.. again! Check out my lovely Chocolate Rain passport holder (Tokyo edition) below =)


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  1. 1

    Elly said,

    When I asked Jedi what the Holland Lop was, he said it’s a panda! LOL

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Elly> Haa.. Looks more than a panda than a rabbit becoz of its colours! Lol. It’s cute hor, matches my home colour scheme somemore. Damn ex ‘tho.. Pet Kampong at Novena Sq sells them for $450 each!!!

  3. 3

    Elaine said,

    Exotic rabbits I guess.. they look unique, thus the high price perhaps.

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