New Members of the Family

Those who have seen our Facebook updates would probably already know that there are two new members  of the family who joined us just last week – introducing.. Cotton & Mocha Ng!!! =D =D =D

The above pics were taken the night we collected them (last Thurs), & I was pretty amazed that they would allow Yuan to carry them! =) BUT, now that they’ve settled in, they’ve also become more assertive about whether they want to be carried.. hmm. Elusive gals! =P

The gals have also transited from being v v v scared (all shaking & shivers when they got here) to becoming v comfortable (well, at least wif their cage & the balcony area) & v v greedy! Oh my, the way they behave is like they’ve not eaten for ages! And they will always finish up their favourite food (the pellets) at one go.. never save some for later. Hmm, at least they zzz well & play well & eat well! Very cute.

Oh ya & I MUST give them credit for being so trainable – when they came, they pee-ed in the litter box but shitted everywhere. We cleared the shit & put it into the litter box in front of them and guess what? Both of them are now spending alot more time at the toilet poo-ing! Soooo intelligent! =D

Okies.. some of my fav pics of them thus far, taken wif my iPhone (pls pardon the poor quality ‘coz no Photoshop now la) =P

The day they came.. too scared to leave the little house within the cage

The next morning – the cage was in a horrendous mess!!!!!

So.. perhaps they decided to leave a SMILE to tell us to chill? =P (no kidding! I’m utmost impressed by the symmetrical pieces of shit & nice curved strand of hay!!!)

Sychronised drinking, when we had 2 bottles

Haa.. after 5 days.. all comfy & happy already! Cotton – cannot resist putting both paws into the food bowl EVERYTIME. Naughty naughty.

This morning, they eagerly hopped out onto the balcony (we usually don’t have time to let them out in the mornings). Haa.. ultimate cuteness & look how comfy Mocha is!

Another angle wif a better view of Cotton. After this I’ve gotta chase them back into the cage. See you this evening Sweethearts! *hearts*


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  1. 1

    Tao said,

    Sooooo cute!!!!

  2. 2

    Lily said,

    they are reaally reaally cute! I wanna visit them sooon! 🙂

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