Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Haa.. this post is one week late, becoz we’ve been busy!

Busy wif work, busy cleaning up after the naughty gals after work >_<

The gals are REALLY a handful but also very cute! I most like it when they hop happily towards me along the corridor. Ultimate cuteness. =)

Today’s a REALLY relaxing day and I was able to do some simple cooking, all thanks to the 8 Days cheat sheet! Haa! But it wasn’t totally successful also, as Yuan would agree.. bleah. Anyhow, it’s a good dish to master (claypot rice) & I’ll be trying it out again! Yeah!

Err.. it didn’t really turn out the way I expected it to (the look & texture) but it still tasted ok la..  =P The soup’s from the Eu Yan Sang’s Yang Sheng Le range.. idiot-proof way to prepare Chinese soups & doesn’t taste too bad too. =)

Last Sun’s activities..

Lunch @ Canton i (last min change of plans becoz we were a ‘lil late for Carousel). Nice!!!

Then.. FINALLY got to watch Harry Potter! Much later than many o/r ppl =)

Finally we had dinner @ my fav Jap Dining Bar.. yummy.. I’ll have two servings of the grilled stingray appetiser anytime! Yums!


It’s been a lovely 1st year Hubby!!!


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    Lily said,

    nice! :))

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