I Promise to Blog Tomorrow

Urgh I’m such a lazy blogger!!!

I had wanted to blog b4 Christmas, during the Christmas season & right after Christmas. 4 days into the new year & I still haven’t blogged. It’s the gals’ fault really ‘coz all we do is to chase them around the house nowsadays.. =P

Since cutesy Hubby has already blogged about the Christmas parties, it leaves me then to blog about the other stuff, i.e. bunny stuff hahaha. (Yes, it’s been pretty much bunny talk all the way nowsadays)

Actually I’ve pretty much lost track of what I wanted to say regarding them ‘coz it’s been some time.. oops. OK OK I just recalled we had the rabbit grooming class followed by Jedi’s field trip to our place. Will blog with more details tml wif pics & all.. it’s kinda late now.. =P

I am also going to restart on the Japan photobook (it’s been 5 mths plus since the trip)!!! Tsk tsk. See la it’s all the bunnies’ fault.. =P

Till tml, folks!


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