Grooming Class, the Field Trip & Our 5th Year Anniversary

Am one day late!

Totally wasn’t in the mood to blog yester, but thought I’d better follow through today lest something crops up tml again.. =)

There were some noteworthy events in end Dec that I thot we should document – the grooming class, the ‘field trip’ to our place to visit Coca, & Hubby & my 5th year couple anniversary!

(As I am typing this, I am looking at the bunnies at play & Mocha the naughty just did a mini binky. I’m wondering whether she will jump up the bed. We’ll see.)

I digress.. =P

– – – – – – – – –

The grooming class was a novel experience, as Hubby & I had never attended a class before together! Haa. It would however be better if the class was smaller – 1/2 the time I was looking at other people’s backview as they crowded around the teacher & her bunny volunteer -_- Nevertheless, it was an informative session & we learnt how to carry the naughties at least (need to practice MUCH more though =P). Yuan didn’t find it extremely enjoyable though ‘coz he suffered very many scratches & 2 bites I think from the naughties (mainly ka) -_-”

Cotton went first. Surprisingly, she was easier to manage! Yuan’s using the flea comb on her.

Sweet Cotton.. my pretty & gentle gal

Hmm Ka was the difficult one. Kept struggling!!!

Haa poor thing. Traumatised.

Then there was the ‘field trip’ to our place the next day (27 Dec), by Elly & family & also Lily! It’s part of Elly’s curriculum for Jedi, which touches on bunnies. =P So, we introduced Jedi to the home of the bunnies, their diet, got him to feed the bunnies & also to have a feel of their soft fur.. =) Some pics to share..

Part of the simple fare I prepared – my favourite setup.. =D Can you see the bunny prick? Super apt for the occasion haa.

You can see the chawanmushi & some English tea here! *yums*

Finally, the bunnies’ front door is open.. heheh..

A shot for remembrance with the bunnies in their home. Jedi posing.

Parting shot before the end of the ‘field trip’. Hope Jedi was able to learn something about bunnies in general! =)

As for our 5th year anniversary.. it was the next day (again) but a working day. Bleah. It was kinda an expensive dinner @ Daidoman BBQ Buffet Restaurant @ United Sq which got both of us stuffed like crazy. We also forgot to take a couple shot.. damn..

– – – – – – – – –

Back to today, tonight. I’m alone wif Coca again ‘coz Yuan’s gotta book in!!! Sianz. And Mocha somehow got bold enuff to jump onto the coffee table again (she did that once before a lonnngg time ago) And I sorta ‘trained’ them to jump onto the room bed.. oopsy. Check out pics >_<

Out of bounds, Baby

Err.. ..


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    So do they jump up and down from the bed now?? :))

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Nope they’re not allowed into the rooms.. =)

  3. 3

    […] that some months back, I wrote a post on the rabbit grooming class we went for – it’s here. Today, finally the trainer has uploaded the pics & FINALLY we’ve gotten a posed pic wif […]

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