3.. B’day & Cotton’s Spay

2011 B’day

The B’day came, & was gone!

Had a simple celebration & a few meet-ups wif close frens & family which mattered more than B’day pressies, more so as the years pass us by =)

Was just lamenting together with Bali & Muisee yester that it has been 18 years since we knew each other.. what happens when we enter our 40s? 50s? Urrrgghhhh… scary thought. Gathering of 3 aunties for B’day.. hahaha. But at the same time immensely grateful that such a lovely frenship exists over the many years since our NPCC days! =D

Wanna thank all my frens who read the blog & bought me masks.. haha.. 10q.. it’s one of my very few beauty regimes! =)

Memorable pics taken on my B’day (actual day).. wif Hubby & my two sweethearts =D

Hee our own family tradition =D

Taking a photo wif the gals is soooooooooooooo difficult. Cotton scurrying off!

Serving food always works ;P My first B’day with the gals =)

Cotton’s Sterilisation on 18 Feb

By a certain stroke of luck, Ka ‘escaped’ her spay.

When she was actually the naughty one. Hmm.

Freaked out totally when Dr Ling from Namly Vets called, and said that the bunny she did (she wasn’t sure who but she said it shld be Mocha) had very small & undeveloped organs which made surgery difficult, and that becoz they had gone deep in to find the organs, she had touched the guts and the bunny is at higher risk of getting guts stasis!!! I was SOOOOOOO upset. All the time imagining that it is Kaka, I had to go through all the worries again when they later confirmed it is Cotton. -_-  The doc suggested doing Mocha a few months later just to play safe (in case she’s also too young – but they are 8 mths old =(  ).

Anyhow, the gal totally allayed our fears when we got home – she tried to eat, she drank water & by later in the day was happily munching on her carrots & fav biscuit! I was sooooo happy! She was already standing by yester and now, on Sun her appetite seems to be back to normal. =D It’s a v good sign and I am really thankful that she’s such a strong gal. =D Going to the vet always tears us apart.. =(

Darling today.. =)

Sun Cooking

FINALLY got down to cooking the abalone chix porridge again! Hehe! Check out our lunch today.. yumilicious!

Fav dish..

Accompanied by Yuan’s chix wings.. so yummy! =)


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Lily said,

    alamak… the chicken wings looks so yummy!… making me feel hungry now.. haha

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Wah lao he was soooo proud of himself lo.. ask him to cook for u all when you drop by for mj again hahaha!

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