Lovely Wedding with a Lovely Bride

Had been some time since I last attended a wedding.. (the last was Ann’s)

Somehow, Ms K’s wedding brought back many wonderful memories for me – just like how they say attending weddings always make you reminisce about your own – I feel it totally! All the way from the march-in – the song “From This Moment” – ok, we didn’t use this, but it was part of the wedding songs compilation we had – to the videos, cake-cutting, champagne pouring, yum seng, speech, etc etc.. all this seemed to have happened just only yesterday for us! It just brought back so many fond memories that I (literally) couldn’t stop grinning.. hahaha (Lily would know)

And the bride was gorgeous!!! We used to say she shouldn’t diet so much but on retrospective, maybe it was all worth it (haha, from vain gals’ point-of-view). Anyhow, now that the wedding’s over, Ms K you should ‘let go’ and let’s go pig out together OK! Hehehe..

I wish I had a photo of her to post but we were just so mesmerised by her beauty that I forgot to take a picture of her.. hahaha..

– – – – – – – – – – –

On a separate note..

Hubby msged me during the wedding to inform me of the gals’ ‘wrongdoing’ – check out the chaos below man! Just as the earthquake was wrecking havoc in Japan (which incidentally is a place I love =( ), the gals were wrecking havoc @ home in the balcony.. tsk tsk!!! Had instructed them numerous times before not to mess with Ding & Pu’s grave but they.. .. ^^&*())(&^%$##@

O.M.G. The only good thing was that they didn’t managed to dig Ding (closer to the top of the pot) up. *Gulp* The gals were given a stern talking-to by Hubby.. haa.

An update on the herb growing kits given to me by Lily & Debi after their HK & Japan trips – growing mighty well, esp. the Basil, hee.. *very pleased* Somehow, I’ve not used them in cooking but the gals have been given their dose of basil & mint salad once in a while.. kekeke. Ka likes both but Cotton only likes the Basil.. =)


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    Haha yah!! U cldn’t stop grinning and giggling throughout the dinner!! haha ;))
    Eh sally, maybe should put pupu & dingding’s pot elsewhere? dunnoe if might happen again?

  2. 2

    sunkiiss said,

    Lily> We’re thinking of putting pebbles on top to prevent them from digging.. hmm.

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