Finally, some time away!!!

After sooooo much talk about going away – starting with the BKK holiday that was supposed to happen in Mar – we FINALLY decided on an alternative location & had the trip booked very promptly – during this long weekend! =D Many thanks to dear colleagues who accomodated my changing requirements for a holiday.. =P

So.. it’s back to our v familiar location again – hmm we’re v uncreative hor haa – HK!!! OK la, at least it’s the first time I’m travelling with the gals & we’ve also got 2 new additions – Hubby & Mel! Looking v much forward to the trip ‘coz we’re also going Macau!!! Hehehe.. I REALLY miss the famous  猪扒包 man.. =P

The only downside to this is that we probably need to send the gals for boarding.. given that they’re not exactly easy to care for.. hmm.  Really hope we can secure a place wif this boarding service provider.. looks quite good ‘coz they have a playpen, instead of a caged setup & it looks pretty conducive. I hope the gals do not get upset wif us for leaving them wif strangers! Sobz.

The trip’s coming pretty soon – in about 3 weeks’ time so it’s getting pretty exciting! Yay!


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    YaY!! Holiday soooon!! :))

  2. 2

    Tao said,

    Wow ur bringing yr 2 gals along? Happy family of 5! Wahahaha!

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    Tao> oops Tao I think my blog entry is confusing.. the “gals” in Para 2 is diff from “gals” in Para 3. Para 2 “gals” – my colleagues and Para 3 “gals” – Kaka & Cotton! Hahahaha.. they not going la, they going Yishun for short boarding stay =P


  4. 4

    Tao said,

    Lol! Tat y I m thinking…ur gals so gd…go holiday wif ur…still got to find boarding provider for them…airplane wif playpen for pets? Haha
    K now I understand….haha

  5. 5

    Sunkiiss said,


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