Finally, a different way of spending the morning!

Yes, yes. We are such slackers in the morning that we can eat the same few stuff for months, for lunch during the weekends (from Lor 7 Toa Payoh market or the coffeeshop downstairs).. ..

Decided to do something different during the recent long weekend & I suggested brunch @ Halia! And it was great (and ex too).. hahaha..

Pity I started to get ill the moment we stepped into the car to drive to Botanical Gardens.. of all days! The sneezing started & it didn’t stop throughout the brunch & beyond. I almost felt apologetic for ‘ruining’ the atmosphere there.. =/

Anyhow, we agreed that it was a good meal & we should get our asses off the couch & do more of these! =D

MANY pics awaiting.. enjoy!!!

Beverages first. This was my Halia Infusion – house speciality of sun-dried ginger & wild mountain honey, while Yuan had the iced version. Personally, I preferred the iced version.. =P

Yumz.. the Cream of fresh asparagus soup – I like! Very tasty & filled with asparagusy-goodness =)

Yuan’s main course! The Herb-marinated seafood skewer of grilled prawn, scallop, squid and mussel with couscous salad in citrus vinaigrette. They also had somewhat of a risotto beneath the skewers which was very yummy. I would have ordered this if not for the squid & mussel which I don’t eat. It was delicious but kinda small to fill Yuan’s tummy! HAHAHA!

Mine was of a more decent size I think – Grilled beef steak sandwich, sauteed Swiss brown mushroom, onion marmalade with roasted tomatoes on ciabatta bread. It was very tasty & I shared half of this with Hubby! Hee!

We decided there was still room for dessert & it was well worth the 20 min wait! My fav dish of all! Freshly baked caramelised banana walnut bread, vanilla mascarpone cream, oriental kumquat compote and crushed macadamia nut. =D

Ending off the brunch wif a nice pic. YAY!

Taking a short stroll around Botantical Gardens in the slight drizzle. We were headed right for the Swan Lake to see the 鸭鸭。。I haven’t been here in AGES man!!! Can you spot the small little swan in this huge lake of theirs?

Haa.. not that small actually. I kept thinking of the movie “Swan Lake” looking at the swan’s mannerisms & wondering how it translates to those ballet moves? They just move very….. slowly in the water lo.

We saw 4 swans in all. No duckies leh. Two are pictured above =)


A final shot wif the famous wedding photo waterfall @ the Gardens! Haa.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Separately, you know I ALWAYS have to post something about the gals la. Haha. Some recent pics of them taken by Yuan that I really like. SOOOOO CUTE!!!

 My adorable & naughty Ka. Love her pink nose & mouth!!! =D

My sweetheart Cotton in the playbox

Haa we love this pic of them! Looks playful but also demure, somehow.

Hee.. another pic of Ka expecting something – more food, obviously!

(Taken this afternoon) It’s difficult to get the gals to zzz when we’re around!!! They’ll somehow keep waking & eating & looking at ya instead of zzzping. Now both are awake again.. hmm.. & yep, am still on MC today. Hope the disgusting phelgmy cough gets better by tml.

Till I update again, BYEEEE! =)


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    Nice brunch! and aiyoh.. looks like u guys are gonna miss the girls ALOT while in HK!!

  2. 2

    Sunkiiss said,

    Lily> Ya.. Always like that, v v attached to our furkids 😀 Ka has been naughty these days ‘tho, due to hormone issues!!!! :/

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