Nice Pics of the Week

The polling, & Mothers’ Day weekend is almost over! Another working week beckons; urgh, am so not looking forward.

But maybe I shouldn’t be feeling that way ‘coz we’re leaving for HK next weekend! Heh. Great to go on a trip but will be better if my gals can be strunk into mini bunny keychains I can bring around! That will surely ease the heartache =P

This is gonna be a short post ‘coz I’m feeling lazy.. =P Just some pics below la =)

Mothers’ Day dinner after voting! Aiyoh this Mummy wanted to eat her fav Aston’s AGAIN. This was the Katong outlet.

Nice pic wif Mummy!

Nice pic wif Hubby

Haa this is unrelated. Decided to embark on this bunny craft I bought some weeks ago from Kino (it was this or work, and I didn’t feel like doing work today). It’s still work-in-progress, but almost done! This will be put in the balcony, together wif Pu & Ding’s photos – we thought that the balcony should have the gals’ presence as well.. since it’s their home now. Will post a pic of it when it’s up! =D

And yes.. I wanted to post this 2 days ago, on the 6th but something cropped up – It’s the final 5 mths countdown! Hmm. Time to start some serious planning.. ..


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