Lovely Sunday..

Wooo I really love Sundays such as this. Sooo relaxing (housework done yesterday, albeit mostly by Yuan haha – so today’s really freeeeeee ^^)

And the “me” time was a plus too. I didn’t embark on any house project today but did a mini project for myself! Hee. OK la, it was just enhancing an iPhone cover I bought from HK – everytime I return, I’ll have a new phone cover! lol. Check it out below manz:

The original cover only had 1 crystal – the silver one on the right bottom. I added the champagne & green crystals from whichever stash of crystals I had at the moment. Quite pleased with the lacy & dainty look of this cover (though Lily would probably disapprove hahaha). It’s time to let my Agnes B cover have a rest! =)

Next weekend may not be soo relaxing though. Took leave on Fri to bring Ka for her sterilisation (she’s been rather unstable lately; very very hyper & prone to exerting dominance) so we decided not to drag the op any longer. Am hoping that she will be able to overcome it as well as Cotton did! Please pray for my darling! Will update again.. *scared*


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Lily said,

    Ur right. hahaha 😛 Eeeeeee….
    When are we going to Morton’s? 😀

  2. 2

    Sunkiiss said,

    Cheh.. Hmm before 27th or next week le..

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