A Week of Many Buys..


First it was the Storksak bag on Thurs, & today – our robotic ‘helper’, a Quinny & a soft mat for future use! 😀 😀 😀

You know what – we were kinda curious about how the Roomba would perform, but the gals’ antics amused us even more! Didn’t expect them to freak out the way they did. I think they really think the Roomba is some alien or something..lol. But soon, soon.. they will get used to it (we’re sure) & the naughty ‘befriending’ behaviours will start.. 😛

Cotton cautiously checking out the Roomba from a distance (while standing 2m away) lol

Check out Ka’s body language! lol. REALLY curious but cautious man. She’s been checking it out several times since it docked hahaha.

Yuzhe’s ride! A Quinny Zapp Xtra from the Expo fair today.

Also from the fair, his soft mat! I like the cheery playground setting.

The back, also nice, & useful too in A, B, C 🙂

– – – – – – – –

On a separate note..

We must say that Ka is v v gd at her toilet training but her table manners are.. tsk tsk tsk. Check out her latest pic below:

This was after Roomba helper did her job -_-“


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