REALLY Counting Down.. .. ..

In the final phase as of today. Oh my, I wish time would go by more slowly (even on a weekday @ work, YES).

In the midst of the prep, I REALLY think we should enjoy our time now more! More nice meals, atas breakfasts, leisure shopping, movies, etc. etc.. not that the life ahead will be sucky but you know, it will definitely be VERY DIFFERENT. I need to spend more quality time wif my Hubby.. hahaha.

Mobile as I still very much am, it’s starting to get a ‘lil more uncomfortable.. heavy.. even sitting doesn’t feel comfy sometimes. Lying on the side feels much better -_-”

Haha & we finally decided on an English name! Lukas. Lukas Ng Yu Zhe. Hehehe. Wah it was damn hard to decide lor.. =P

OK reiterating my most sincere appeal to time – please don’t fly us by! Let me have more time pleassseeee!


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    Tao said,

    Nice eng and chinese name! Bb Lukas…see u soon!

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