Suddenly, time seems to be fast-forwarding & I don’t feel prepared.

So many things not bought, decisions not made, even the class is not attended.. *faintz*

This is a familiar feeling – maybe like what I felt in the last 2 weeks closing in to the wedding? No doubt that this feels scarier ‘tho. Wedding is all about having fun & looking pretty but this is not..

I also feel stressed about the management of the gals next time – there has been comments on keeping them inside the balcony (only), even outside the house – NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I reallllyyyyyyy hope that we can have the freedom to make our own decisions about our pets, which are not merely animals to us (i.e. as what other ppl would think) and definitely not something we can just discard when a child comes. I love them tremendously & that will never change!!!

Thank God the nursery’s more or less cleared up (i.e. except for the top shelves). The wardrobe, with all sorts of random stuff is also a mess no more. 🙂 Now we just have to wait for the buys to arrive to do the rest of the set-up..

I kind of get what they mean when they say 2nd tri’s the best time – guess you just feel super stressed towards the end when you realise it’s not at a leisurely pace anymore (& the bad zzz nights aren’t helping either). I just feel happiest hanging out at home wif my Hubby & dear bunnies.. the 2 gals never fail to put a smile to my face, however mischievous they might be. Oh my I feel like I need a HUGE dose of endorphins AGAIN *have to give myself pats on my head like Lily does*

Btw, almost forgot to add.. his Chinese name is going to change slightly to 禹吉吉。Same pronunciation but different first word. And his English name is still undergoing review .. ‘coz it’s not confirmed till we put it in the BC! Haa!


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    Lily said,

    *patpat* haha

  2. 2

    Elaine said,

    Frankly I don’t think the bunnies are going to harm your baby in anyway loh… I have seen families with huge dogs and newborns, they look fine. But of course you wouldn’t want the bunnies to jump unto the baby unexpectedly so just be mindful of that.. like put a gate (one that they can’t squeeze through) to the nursery..
    Love your bunnies and your child will also learn to love and care for animals. I think that’s a great blessing to your child..

  3. 3

    sunkiiss said,

    Elly> We have actually installed 1 baby gate from IKEA between the kitchen & utility area to test it out & Kaka managed to squeeze through! Urgh. So now we dunno if we should put one at the nursery door ‘coz she can squeeze through if she wanted to -_- We have to see how we can allow the baby & the gals to co-exist w/o compromising too much on the gals’ freedom.. & happiness. =P

    Yes we will.. I think kindness towards animals is a very impt trait to have & a trait I will very much value, & will like to see in Yuzhe. =D

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