Doing Our Part For Other Bunnies As Well

The House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) sells some reallly cool stuff for bunnies actually & we thot, y not (buy)? Since we can make the gals happy & the proceeds can go to helping the other bunnies under HRSS’ care. =)

I am also a friend of HRSS, hehehe.. wouldn’t mind volunteering if I had more time.. see how la =) I am v v impressed by their efforts to help the abandoned rabbits, i.e. bringing them to the vet, nursing them back to health, bringing the bunnies for sterilisation, bonding pairs, fostering them (till they are adopted) & finally finding a suitable new owner/ home for the bunnies. =D What a noble cause.. =)

Check out our buys from HRSS below!

Haa curious Cotton checking out the package. Its a new playhouse – Cottontails Cottage which we bought to replace their now dilapidated/ shredded lovingly-coloured-by-us playhouse.

Cotton baby conquered the playhouse & is standing on the roof! =D She looks adorable here. Kan cheong me rushed over to prevent her from simply jumping off the roof like Kaka.

Hee both gals exploring the playhouse! ^^

Haa we also bought a veggie donation pack from HRSS which got the sponsored bunny (Shane, in this case) a veggie pack, a bunny pouch for me while the rest of the proceeds went to HRSS. Kudos to HRSS for its bunny-saving efforts! =) Will continue to support. =)


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