WBB Teaches Physical & Mental Prep

We had our first prenatal class wif the famous Wong Boi Boi (WBB) yesterday evening!

Hmmmm it was alright la, ‘tho I didn’t feel that comfy doing all those lying down kinda exercise in front of so many strangers. The massages that she teaches the daddies-to-be to do are not bad ‘tho.. lol. I see many Daddies-to-be taking the class very seriously but I wonder how many would actually go back & do it. Haha.

Actually I can’t really remember many of the exercises now ‘coz the class was really fast-paced. She also talked about a whole variety of other things like placenta positioning, diet, bf-ding, etc. etc. Looking forward to more hands-on tips on handling the child in the coming classes. =)


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