WBB Teaches Pain Relief

Hmm.. the imagery from yester’s class wasn’t too pleasant, given that it’s on pain relief??? Urgh. Next week’s one is even better – on labour lol. I’m beginning to have second thoughts about the type of labour to go for.. not sure why. Anyhow, both types aren’t easy & nice & I wish it was as easy as a hen laying an egg!

The breathing exercises (learnt yester, for labour) were hilarious too. Totally cannot catch anything & found it quite funny actually. Yuan said I wasn’t doing it properly throughout but he’s no better – he kept yawning & whispering “so boring, so boring” into my ear lor. Tsk tsk.

Same goes for the pelvic floor exercises.. hahaha. Aiyah I am so bad at these things -_-


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    Elaine said,

    Totally forgot how to breathe when the labour started… got too excited, anxious and in great pain…
    Oh but second time round, I decide to walk around instead of sitting or lying down and surprisingly, it felt less painful..

  2. 2

    Lily said,

    Hearing Elly talk about being in labour totally reminds me of how she made us lose the bet about “not needing epidural”… 😛

    Sally – how you know the hen lay egg not pain? U ask the hen before meh hahaha! How’s your a/c? Hope it’s fixed already!! Weather is so humid these days 😦

  3. 3

    Sunkiiss said,

    @ Elly hmm still inclined towards the other option.. Too fearful of the loooonnnggg process already.

    @ Lily Yalor!!!! We had so much faith in her haha. Hmm re: the hen.. Dun seem so leh, no blood or anything. Seems more like shitting lol. As for the aircon.. It needs a chemical wash, the guys need to come down another day again.. Thankfully no need to change the unit!!!

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