Step #12

Yuzhe’s beansprout pillows are finally ready! Yay!

It wasn’t such an easy process ‘coz we’ve got to get the beansprout covers picked, washed & dried, choose the cloth, get the seamstress to sew the inner & outer pillow covers & finally to put in desired weight of beansprout covers & sew up..

Yuzhe’s 爷爷& 奶奶 did quite a good job wif the beansprouts man (really an arduous task) & supplied us wif most of the sprouts we need! The cloths were handpicked by Yuan & I and Yuan did the sewing up after we put in the sprouts (given the superstition that I’m not supposed to sew anything haa). Really pleased wif the range of designs & pillows! Dunno whether his 姐姐s would like some too (I can imagine Hubby’s disapproving look). Hahaha.


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