My insomnia is REALLY getting worse. I used to be able to zzz back (after an hr+ or so?) but these days, it’s been 4am – morning. I tried the drinking milk method suggested by the GP last night & it didn’t work. The reading method took too long to work.. I only slept back at 6.30am. How to cope like that? I still need to go work leh!

I wonder if this is part of a vicious cycle – can’t zzz -> tired, drink tea -> can’t zzz due to the caffeine

I really don’t know man.. have been off all kinds of caffeine for today as part of an experiment (no coffee, tea or chocs) & I shall see how it goes tonight..

Someone save me from this insomnia nonsense pls..


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  1. 1

    ms said,

    i had it too…try the traditional method, count sheep?

  2. 2

    ms said,

    hmm try the traditional method, count sheep?

  3. 3

    Lily said,

    Poor Sally!! :(((( I really hope the insomnia goes away soon!!

  4. 4

    Cally said,

    eh.. try lying down, mentally/ mindfully tell your entire body to relax, starting from the feet, thigh upwards..gently tell ya babe to relax too and finally to your brain. Feel the total relaxation.. usually you’ll fall asleep before you finish. but dun try this at 4 am.. hahah try this at night when you lie down for the you can sleep longer. tried this last time and it worked.

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