WBB Teaches Hands-on Babycare

Haa.. this lesson was much anticipated ‘coz we heard that we can buy some essentials during the class! It was also less zzz-provoking ‘coz every couple had a doll to play wif (i.e. it’s not just listening to her talking or looking at slides).

The dolls look kinda creepy ‘tho.. our baby boy doll had sneaky Chinese eyes which were pulled slightly upwards at the sides.. haa. And they all have different expressions – some kinda expressionless (like ours), some zzzpy, some yawning & some looking v happy. Haha.

The Daddies did most of the work – practising the various holds & learning how to bath & dress & handle the baby. I guess she wanted to emphasise their part to play, i.e. it’s not just the duty of the Mum!

& we also realised that she is kinda anti-maid & anti-confinement lady.. all the stories she told us abt maids mishandling the baby leading to serious injuries, as well as silly old fashioned things confinement ladies do is really scary.. we reckoned that she wanted to put across the msg that the parents should always always be the primary care-givers & not the maid.. I’ll be sure to be watching the confinement lady much more closely man.. ..

It’s the last class next week le, so fast!



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