2nd time @ USS!

Yester was our 2nd time @ USS, & for free! 😛 The first was during Yuan’s b’day celebration last Oct, when Battlestar Galactica was still closed 🙂 This year, it’s open but I can’t take it sob sob..

There you go, it was Rajah & Tann’s Family Day! Quite cool ah wif the big Family Day budget.

Oh ok I have to go back in time to talk about our activities b4 the Family Day started, hee. Met Hubby @ 4+ for tea @ Vivo before we made our way to RWS..

At where else but Bosses (黑社会)for the yummy dim sum, @ 30% off! I recall the v v first time I was there was wif Huikoon, & it was perhaps 5 years ago? Went wif Hubby b4 too a long long time ago..


First to come.. the Shanghai steam meat dumpling.. nice soup!

Hee.. durian by-products ALWAYS appeal to me – D24 durian mochi (mao shan wang preferred ‘tho)

I ordered this but Hubby loved it more! Crispy mango salad prawn roll

This was really yummy! Queen of shumai haha. Reminds me of the yummy 三星烧卖 we used to have @ HK overlooking Victoria Harbour

Hubby’s fav orders @ any dimsum place – traditional braised chicken feet & basket steam spare ribs with village noodles!

After tea, we slowly made our way to RWS via the Sentosa Express. We went a little too early in my opinion ‘coz RWS is still.. err.. pretty boring & pretty warm! I recall them saying there’s some cooling system or something to bring the temperature down but I certainly couldn’t feel it.

Finally, @ 7.15pm we could enter USS & the event started at the Waterworld show. I went for more rides than I had expected to – a grand total of 2, Shrek 4D Adventure & the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure Ride! Haa. This is totally unlike me ‘coz I would have chiong all the rides, starting from Battlestar in my usual state 😛

& you know what.. I even had to request for a stationary seat for the Shrek ride! Urgh!

Haa ok this is our representing pic from the Family Day. I don’t look like myself anymore so it was hard finding a decent pic 😦 If you don’t believe me you should check out my USS pics last year.. sigh.. what a world of difference. Yuan looks exactly the same ‘tho lol

Last but not least, from USS – Stewie & family makes a guest appearance on this blog! Haa yes they were there too ‘coz Stewie’s sis works @ R & T, so does Debi’s friend & Huey Xiang’s sister. Wat a small small world (& even smaller Sg). Pretty Chloe is really really good at posing for pics! 😀


Babies’ Grooming @ Pet Gantry 

Our gals went for grooming again today! As usual, they were majorly reluctant & after that majorly upset to be ‘captured’ in the carrier, sigh. Guess it is only associated with bad memories – visits to the vet, sterilisation, grooming, boarding..

But anyhow, they’re ok now & not upset anymore! Plus they smell really nice & look v neat & pretty hee.. *happy happy*

As usual, Ka would be freaked out for a few hours & this time she’s hiding under the sofa

姐姐,on the other hand was majorly exhausted!!! K.O. under the teevee console!

Ka tonight. Cute gal looked like she was posing for the cam 😉 Nice Sat!


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