Thoughts, & Step #20

It’s the last weekend we’re spending together as a couple!

(Technically speaking we have 2 furkids but I guess a human kid is going to be quite different from a furkid.)

I recall Wee Cheng on her last day of work before she had Doudou/大象/Rachel, & she mentioned having a last dinner wif her Hubby before the baby comes. Now I know how that feels.. it’s a strange feeling.

One may suggest that we go out & have a super nice dinner/ good food to enjoy our weekend before the baby comes. But I neither have the appetite nor the energy to do that – “lightening” certainly did not happen for me (yet) – he’s not engaged at all, & sometimes I feel full just by looking at the food! Plus he’s not exactly a light baby.. walking ard with a watermelon tummy does not appeal to me in any way..

SO.. I figured the best way is to spend quality time at home wif Hubby, & the 2 gals! Afterall I think it would be some time before we can enjoy the same peace & quiet in this house again 😛

Step #20 on Zachary’s bathstation is below..

Hee that’s our wedding bathtub! & on the wall notes from WBB’s class.. 😀


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  1. 1

    Elaine said,

    Sally, is the form support for bath? Didn’t WBB mention in the class that it’s not necessary and even if u have it, you MUST still use your arm to support the baby.

  2. 2

    Elaine said,

    Can order in some nice food/ desserts if you don’t want to go out. I don’t think u need to be engaged for the “lightening”.. ha… actually can’t really remember. Just do what u’ll enjoy!

  3. 3

    Lily said,

    What do u want us to get for u??? We got no ideas!!!!! Help! hahaha

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