Step #21, & Our Last Dinner as a DINK Couple

Hmm, the title of this post sounds kinda dreary but it’s not meant to be.. lol.

Well, well.. as Yuan anticipated, this 5 days of leave will pass by really quickly just as the maternity leave would (he says v soon it will be Christmas, CNY & before I know it I’ll be back to work!) Alamak.

Actually I’m just hoping the hospital stay will pass by quickly – not a fan of doctors/ hospitals/ needles. But what to do, we can’t lay eggs like motherhens & gg to the hospital for some major procedure (natural or not) to get the baby out is inevitable.. sigh. As I have said before, we are less evolved in this aspect than chickens la! 😛

So.. tonight’s meal marks our last as a DINK couple (not counting the furkids). Hubby suggested eating our dear crustacean frens again – from Melben Seafood @ Toa Payoh. Sounds good, ‘tho we just had crabs for Mummy’s b’day dinner!

Chilli crab wif 15 buns!?! (I think Hubby ate 11) & salted egg cum cheese crab

Couldn’t resist taking another pic of the bouquet, which now adorns the dining table. By the time I’m back on Sat it would have withered.. :/

The gals this evening – with zzzpy faces! I’m gonna miss them much while @ the hospital, I know..

Praying for good behaviour.. it’s kinda their naughty week (or naughty 2 weeks :/).

Last but not least, Step #21 – not much of a step but since I took a pic I might as well post it up! 😛 Waterproofing Yuzhe’s bathstation to protect the laminated table top.. keke.

In prepration for tml – as Mel put it – FIGHTING!!! lol. Is this a Korean thing, becoz I 1st heard this being said by Koreans in a Taiwan singing competition? Haa. Anyhow, just wanna add that I’m really really touched by all my frens’ words of concern/ encouragement.. & the many offers of prayers 😀 I am indeed blessed for having you all. *hugs*



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