Baby’s First Week

Yay! Our baby’s 1 week old, as of yesterday! 🙂 🙂 🙂 He’s such a cute boy (haha self praise)

A record of Zachary’s first week, in photo format:

His eyes are almost fully open already (not sure whether it will open further), & I think I can see the double eyelids, hehe! At the mmt they look longish rather than roundish.. haha. But didn’t see any dimples yet ‘tho.. sob.

We also had his first visit out yesterday to the paediatrician, who said that all’s well except for a mild case of jaundice.. will have to put baby in the sun when it’s out 🙂 He has also put on weight after losing some in the first few days.. yay! Am very pleased..

Baby’s first ‘outing’ (CF auntie carrying him)

I also went to Gordon Lim’s for a review, & like baby’s, all’s well. The surface wound has healed & the plaster removed – first time I got to see the cut *jitters* it’s definitely more than 10cm long Muisee..

But am glad that it seems to be healing really well & I don’t seem to need the painkillers anymore.. 🙂 Hmm I would highly recommend my gynae! Hee!

Wif the baby, there’re some slight adjustments we’ve made to Coca’s lifestyle – they’re not let out during the day, only at night when baby & CF auntie goes to zzz (ard 8 plus). Then they’ll get their run of the house all the way till 11 plus 12.. 🙂 I call it my special time wif them ‘coz it’s when I’m able to give them full attention while we watch teevee & relax. At night, they are also not confined to the cage anymore. I really do hope the gals will not feel neglected becoz the baby’s here..

Funny photo to share – the gals facilitated the collapse of Cottontails Cottage – partner-in-crime was the rain – and you can see the disaster zone in the balcony below.. goodness!!! The gals did not seem to mind that it has collapsed (rather it became more exciting to explore & chew on)


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    Lizhen said,

    yeah.. your own baby is always the cutest! 🙂
    hee hee.. but he is really cute! I like the pic of him zzz in CF arms..

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