Hee.. 4 Weeks!!!

Our cute baby is 4 weeks old! 🙂

I realised I haven’t been blogging much except for my weekly update on his daily pics, becoz.. he engages me ever so frequently.. 😛

& I expect the situation to become ‘worse’ when the CF auntie leaves this Fri! Really good luck to me man.. (maybe I shldn’t have fretted so much last time abt lack of privacy)

Tadaa! The ‘invasion’ of Zachary slowly but surely into our space.. haha..

Hee.. family (tree) of 5, complete for now wif Zachary in the middle.

Likewise, in 3D format – family of 5 in the living room watching teevee 😛 And don’t say those 2 are a cat & a doggie k, at least they are in the right colours 😛

& I must bid a hasty retreat now ‘coz we still have 1,001 preps to do for tomorrow’s party! (Yep, Zach’s 1st mth party)

His Daddy bought him some really gorgeous balloons in the nautical theme. Will blog about them & the party in the next post. Till then, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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