A Blogworthy Day

Yester’s events were indeed blogworthy ‘coz.. it was our first ‘real’ outing as a family!

Not counting those visits to the gynae & pediatrician of ‘coz.. 🙂

It was intended to be a rather wholesome trip (baby’s intro to nature (Botanical Gardens) + shopping trip for me (Tanglin Mall)), followed by a routine visit to the in-laws but becoz he kept us awake much of the night before, and the weather (quite sunny) we decided to just go to Great World City before visiting his grandparents. 😛

Still, I was rather grateful to be able to visit a mall & to break the monotony of being tied to home!

But did I forget to mention that I also found the trip a tad stressful becoz of the feeding requirement.. I insisted to locate & check out the babycare room before anything else – have this phobia of him going hysterical wif hunger suddenly when he wakes! Luckily, it went relatively well.. phew. And the babycare room at GWC is rather conducive too 🙂

Some photos from our memorable ‘lil outing.. 🙂

Baby @ GWC (oops, forgot to take the surroundings haha)

Baby wif a pose!

Dinner @ our GWC fav Bangkok Jam – not bad at all! Alas, he was starting to get a ‘lil fretful.

I bought 2 pairs of Martina Pink shoes (purple heels!) from the Tangs shoe shop! Now, I would NEVER do that in the past. Think I am just too shopping-deprived. Online shopping’s not as satisfying leh.. haa. Apart from these we also bought b’day pressies for an upcoming kids’ b’day party & a baby pillow for Zachary.

Fast forward to Gonggong & Ah Ma’s place. Zhezhe trying out Ah Ma’s bed – he looks like a ‘lil fatty here hahaha.

& then trying out Xinying jiejie’s sarong!


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