Reflections.. @ the 8th Week

He’s 8 weeks old! 🙂

Not exactly 2 mths yet but definitely long enuff to do some reflecting.. 🙂

“How has it been?” people ask me. & Ann likes to say, “It’s all worth it right, Jie?”

Sure it is, but.. definitely at the expense of many other things I used to & continue to treasure – freedom, mobility, couple time, etc. etc..

But.. it is a passage of life & I guess everyone (i.e. who made the same decision to have a kid) has to put aside his or her “self” to make things work in the new mode. But of ‘coz.. I also hope to be able to reclaim my old “self” bit by bit, as he grows.. 🙂

& I still want couple time!!! Hear that, Hubby?????????? 😛

On the baby – he’s really into carrying nowadays, it’s REALLY bad! I told his Grandma it’s all her fault & that she’ll get her just deserts when I get back to work haha. But then again, it’s not just her, but everyone else who’s carrying whether it’s warranted or not. Guess it’s the only way people are able to feel close to the baby. He’s also really cheeky – he was fretting/ crying when I put him down, & I actually caught him sneak a smile when I picked him up. Soooo naughty! His Daddy reckons we should spank him haha (like real).

We’ve also yet to formally introduce him to the gals though they certainly have caught sight of him already – must be wondering who’s this mini version of a person. Look forward to the day when he can actually take care of his 姐姐s & to love them the way we do. Such a lovely scenario to think about 😀

OK, here’s our cheeky baby of 8 weeks. Some milestones – blowing bubbles & licking his fist/ hand and lots & lots of baby talk! I think he will be a really talkative boy! 😛


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    Lily said,

    Reaallly reaaaalllly looking more and more like Yuan Yuan!!!!!!!!!! Confirm no need DNA test sia haha!!!

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