Time Flies; It’s Been 12 Weeks

As usual, the weekly pic marks the end of one more week of our dear baby’s existence, & it’s been 12.. 🙂

The weeks are passing faster than I would like, ‘tho I am happy about how quickly the Fridays & weekends come – when Hubby is home & he can relieve me! we can go out together 😛

Short of the baby’s occasional tantrums (i.e. usually just requests for carrying), he has been a really sweet & happy boy, & we can’t say how thankful we are for that! His smiles/ squeals/ coos can brighten up any day.. hehe..

The poor baby has mostly been exposed to malls (only) so far though! Hmm.. maybe it’s not such a good idea to be born around the Christmas season ‘coz all Daddy & Mummy is doing is hitting the malls & frantically shopping for presents! So the baby has seen various shopping centres & loads of Christmas-shopping ppl, haha. Hopefully we can go for more ‘healthy’ outings once this season passes & he is slightly older.

Hubby & I also managed an outing w/o the baby by leaving him at the in-laws’ – to watch “The Christmas Bunny”, a charity screening by HRSS & to do a dinner. It was a ‘lil unnerving to leave him for so many hours (not used to it) but it turned out ok. 🙂

On the gals – regret to say that ‘tho I am home ALL THE TIME, I have not been able to accompany them alot of the time 😦 Partly becoz when I’m alone, I don’t really want to let them out of the balcony lest the baby wails & I can’t get them back in fast enuff (the naughty gals need supervision when out). So.. I really cherish their nights out when I can spend some quality time wif them & most importantly, they can do all the hopping they want! I feel quite guilty towards them sometimes when they look at me from inside the balcony & I know that last time, I would surely let them out upon request. 😦

But I still do love them so & I hope they will always know it.. 🙂

So ok.. photos in the next post! (& I still need to blog about the anniversary.. 🙂 )


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