Make a Wish

Inspired by my dear Lily twin (again), who has an endless list this year ‘coz she’s gonna be “3x, flirty and thriving” (hahaha), I have decided to put up my own too!

Yep.. it’s another step towards the 4xs.. wahhhhh what a SCARY thought!!!!! Lily – joining the club! Hehehehehe..

The trouble is, while Lily never seems to have any problem coming up wif her list, I crack my brains every year thinking of what to wish for.. hmm.

OK, some ideas I have come up wif for the mmt – will add to this list once I think of more:

  • 步步惊心DVD – rather intrigued by this drama but I didn’t have the chance to catch it much
  • Fancl Masks – either the whitening or aqua repairing sheets
  • A new sling bag – designer or genuine soft leather, suitable to be used when carrying baby – taken by Ann & Mum
  • A nice charm (again! haha) which can be used with my Agnes B ring/ necklace
  • A new iPhone 4G case (Kate Spade/ Agnes B)

Haa.. this is all I could think of for now.. pls msg me if there is a chance you wanna book any 😛


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  1. 1

    Lily said,

    eh how says! I took vvvvv long to think of my list too hor! 😛

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