He’s 4 & 3/4 months & I’m 32!

The effect of returning to work full-time = REALLY tardy blog updates! :/

The baby reached his 19th & 20th week milestone already & is fast approaching his 21st 🙂

&.. it’s been exactly a week since my 32nd B’day, sobz. How fast such good days past.. (thankfully the celebrations aren’t over :P)

Hubby’s suggestion to go Sentosa for my B’day turned out really well! Enjoyed the day v much wif baby in tow.. 😀 Thank God for good weather & a cooperative Zachary, hee.

The family celebration was @ Cafebiz – my fav, the celebration wif colleagues was @ Canton i (another fav of mine) while the meet-up wif Huikoon was @ our home!  Looking forward to the other ‘traditional’ gatherings wif my schoolmates. Urgh, how fast the years past us by ah..

Technically speaking, this was not the baby’s 1st visit to Sentosa – his first was to Universal Studios while still in Mummy’s tummy! 🙂

(Clockwise) B’day dinner at Big Easy while baby’s azzz; my slice of strawberry shortcake at the Festive hotel (?) tea lounge; little feet in the sand at Siloso beach; the new Malaysian food street at RWS; Baby & I at the beach; little handsome wif his new sunnies; family pic at the hotel tea lounge

19 weeks

20 weeks

Updating on his 21st quite soon I hope! 🙂


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